Legal Translation Services


Our legal translators are selected not only for their linguistic skills, but also for their technical expertise.

Our team guarantees accurate, well-written translations of legal, documents. Translations are available in major languages and can be certified for any court or government agency in any country. 

What is a legal translation? 

A legal translation is a translation that has been formally verified for use in official purposes. Documents that require certified translation services might include papers that have to be submitted to an Immigration or Naturalisation Department (such as birth, marriage and divorce certificates), official transcripts (such as high school certificates, university degrees and vocational training certificates), regulatory documents (such as informed consents, protocols, research data forms and case report forms), patents and many others. 

Certified translation service by legal translator  

A legal translator is a professional who has been duly authorised by the government of the country in question to translate and notarise a document. Any certified translation produced by a legal translator is an official document in its own right. The translation is certified with a stamped declaration which is written in the relevant language, as well as in English. In order to eliminate the risk of errors we require that our legal translators should be competent in at least three different areas: 

  1. Comparative law
    We require that they have a basic knowledge of the legal systems of both the source and target languages; 
  2. Specific terminology
    We require that they should be familiar with the specific terminology of the particular legal field(s) dealt with in the source and target text. 
  3. Legal writing style
    We require that they should be competent in the specific legal writing style of the target language. 


  1. Banking and financial Law

    Our financial translators have worked with domestic and foreign banks, insurance companies, broker-dealers and investment groups. 

    They have extensive knowledge of finance and banking practice, including in some cases in-house experience of working with major institutions. This gives them a perspective that is highly focused on the client business objectives, and a technical knowledge of the financial service industry's special regulatory requirements. Our banking and financial translators can thus be trusted to translate: 

    • Loan agreements
    • Contracts
    • Memos and letters
    • Financial reports and other documents associated with public and private finance and banking institutions
  2. Corporate Law

    We have helped numerous companies/ corporates to establish businesses overseas by offering faultless translations of elements such as: 

    • By-Laws
    • Inter-shareholder agreements
    • Powers of attorney
    • General meetings and minutes of resolution
    • Certificates of incorporation


    We work closely with government agencies and foreign authorities so as to comply with every significant stage of legalising official documents. In addition we assist our corporate clients with their everyday legal translation needs such as: 

    • Contract and shareholders' agreements
    • Liquidator's mandates
    • Memos and handwritten notes
    • Statements and reports


Legal Documents   


 Charging orders

 Powers of attorney

 Loan agreements

 Divorce proceedings


 Writs and summonses


Acts and statutes

Rental agreements

Wedding contracts




Court orders

Wills & probate docs