Language translation and localisation

As localisation becomes more and more central to the market, so too does the need for translators who specialise in this area. The process of localising product does not merely involve the translation of your text into a foreign language. It is a complex procedure involving cultural adaptation and technological challenges 

Serving the global market 

Our localisation service has helped a variety of companies, including software publishers, hardware manufacturers and telecommunications companies, by providing them with tailored versions of their software, documentation, marketing and web-based information in different languages for simultaneous worldwide release. 

Our localisation service includes core strengths in the translation of:

  • CD-ROMs
  • On-line manuals
  • Website content
  • Computer software

Meeting technical and linguistic challenges 

The localisation process goes much deeper than straightforward translation. It involves meeting both technical and linguistic challenges. 

In order to do this we require our localisation experts to have:

  • Excellent knowledge of different Operating Systems and application.
  • Meticulous linguistic ability in both the source and target languages
  • Strong understanding of web technologies